Silly Things Men Do That Women Find Sexy

As the adage goes, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Sexual relationships are complex. Men and women both think the other party is complicated for no apparent reason. Complex as it may be, there are lots of quirky little things that both men and women find irresistible about each other. In this issue, we’ll tackle silly little things men do that women love.

Putting your hand on her bum

It may not seem like much, but this little flirty move makes women feel sexy. Your hand on her bum, especially in public says you are proud to be her man and you are not afraid to show it. However, be careful about the timing as doing it early in a relationship may convey the wrong message.

Silly Things Men Do That Women Find Sexy

Folding shirtsleeves to the elbow

For reasons no one can explain, a man who folds his shirt to the elbows is extremely sexy. It is a sneaky way to show off your arms and it works for both official and casual settings. This simple move can help catch the attention of that bomb-shell girl at your workplace.

Kiss her on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead is a non-sexual way to show a woman you adore her. Women love when their partner expresses their love without necessarily leading to sex. So kiss her on the forehead and leave her feeling all warm and fluffy on the inside

Change your tone and smile when speaking to her on the phone

Believe or not, if you smile when speaking on the phone, the person on the other side of the line can feel it. A man’s voice is typically deep and hard. But when you speak to your woman, soften your voice and smile. She will feel your smile and hear the love in your voice. Lilly, a independent Chennai female escort, says she can always tell when a man is speaking to someone they love. You can see it in the eyes and hear it in his voice.

Silly Things Men Do That Women Find Sexy

Be Goofy

Dancing in your underwear, trying on her bra and heels, or modeling in the nude are some of the goofy things you can do in front of your woman to show her how comfortable you are with her. It is a great way to entertain her and who knows, it may lead to sex. Demanding the use of sex toys for betterment of sex life also entice women. Women love men who are willing to be stupid for them. Surprise her by singing karaoke and totally butchering her favorite song. It will put her in a great mood and encourage her to be wild in front of you as well.

All the above quirky things are about being comfortable and natural around your woman. Women love a man who is relaxed and confident around them. So, go ahead and try them. It may work better than you anticipated.

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