Screening Process by an Escort: My Personal Prospective

Escorting is one of the most risky careers. Therefore for you to come out safe and alive, you have to develop tactics of survival. You might be so frantic for the pay, but at the same time, your safety comes first. The greatest secret to our survival is having strong screening systems.  Sometimes screening a client is one of the trickiest activities. This is because you are torn-between annoying your client and losing them or risking your life. Not many clients know the value of this process.

When I first got into escorting, I was so naive and eager to get my first client. I started off as an independent escort and had no information about the value of this security measure. I can say I was lucky enough that I never became a victim of a nasty client. However, I’ve heard real scary stories from my friends. Developing a tough client-screening system helps you get classy clients. This is because very few pass the test. There are different ways of screening a client and below are a few examples.

Don’t pick late night calls.

This is Mishka. I absolutely don’t pick late night calls. In my humble opinion, only a drunken person would call you past midnight asking to have a meeting with you. Therefore I always switch off my official phone from 12 to 7AM every day.

Screening Process by an Escort My Personal Prospective

Be keen when talking to a new client via phone.

I pay attention to every small detail when I pick a client’s call. The client has to address me by my name, be open with all my questions and have a polite outlook. I also check my client’s level of English. I always look forward to having a nice conversation during my date. Me and my manager put a lot of interest to where the client is staying. I don’t go to cheap hotels in Chennai’s less safe areas. I also don’t visit clients who live very far from my home.

Check the client’s country code.

One advantage an independent Chennai escort has over those working under agencies is their right to choose a client. I personally don’t pick calls from countries I don’t like. Being an independent escort it is my personal choice and I have to enjoy it. I don’t pick calls from races rude to escorts and females in general. Those who treat us like servants. Most female escorts are very tolerant but we hate men who like bargaining. We are not cheap wares and anyone who needs our services should be ready to pay the price.

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