Learn use of tongue and finger in foreplay with escorts

Nothing builds a relationship stronger than knowing what makes your partner happy and what works best for them. Apart from having an easy time with one another, it makes them feel loved and appreciated. There are many different ways of satisfying your partner sexually. Apart from the common romantic ones that have become a tradition to everyone else explore the world of romance. You can come up with other sweet and romantic ways of strengthening the bond between the two of you. At the same time, you kill the boredom of being too obvious. Foreplay always plays a very important role in making sex life healthy. You should know how to use tongue and finger in foreplay.

Surprising your partner with sweet and new ways of driving him or her crazy builds anxiety and the desire of him wanting to meet you over and over again. In the escort industry, there are female Chennai escorts who have many repeat clients. The reason for this is not because they are better than their counterparts but it is simply because they know how to give their clients more than what they need for.

Learn use of tongue and finger in foreplay with escorts

Exploring the world of romance with your fingers

Once in a while, you might be tired or just not in the mood for sexual intercourse. At the same time, your mate might be going for nothing less than a total show. This is where the fingers come into place. You might choose to make good use of your fingers to ensure that you give your partner exactly what they are longing for. This is what is called oral sex. Oral sex is fun and can last longer than normal intercourse. This is because it takes less energy and also for you to reach to climax might also take longer than you would expect. However, the results are worth it and especially if you are not in a position of having normal intercourse. You may use sex toys for the betterment of your sex life.

Learn use of tongue and finger in foreplay with escorts

Can you climax through oral sex?

Although reaching climax through oral sex is not easy, it is very much possible. There are very many different ways of adding taste to oral sex and ensuring that you both enjoy the experience. Unlike normal sexual intercourse, oral sex needs a lot of patience, love and deeper connection. One of the main reasons why the escort industry is growing by day is their prowess in satisfying their clients, especially in oral sex. Oral sex is not easy and getting exactly what one needs requires a touch from an expert. Sometimes the use of edible items in titillating foreplay brings your climax very soon. So never hesitate to use them.

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